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Shop Update : Yu Xiaoyao

Dear Wulins, 

It has been a month since the beginning of Webzen's 7 Anniversary celebration, we know that you might think it's nearly the end, but we still got some surprises!
Having fancy party clothes might not be enough : arriving at the party on a wonderful and shiny mount will help you to get all the attention !

From today you will be able to mount Yu Xiaoyao and join the party even faster!
This mount surrounded by pure light will take you anywhere with the swiftness of the wind.



NEW MOUNT: Yu Xiaoyao





Item Name: Yu Xiaoyao

 Item Type: Scenery Record 

 Price: 850  

 Time Duration: Permanent


You can buy these items in our in-game shop! 
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Best wishes,

Your Age of Wulin Team

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